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Our Story

Digital Transformation will not just change business, it will also change life.
Our Team started this site to help Business Owners and Managers to think Strategically
Lead this change with Understanding.

Digital Transformation is affecting the business environment for everybody. No matter how big or small, business has to adapt or fail. But does leadership of this change have to remain the preserve of the few?

Our team started this site as a way to even out the odds for the Business Owner and Manager by providing a platform for strategic thinking and interchange of best practice, tips and tricks. Digital Transformation is not about IT or business alone – it is about both because it is about the customer. It is about customer experience and satisfaction – that is what drives shareholder value and keeps you in business.

Our Objective is to level the playing field by making publicly available Digital Transformation insights and experience more widely available.

Digital Transformation is setting into motion changes more profound than might be generally expected. Changing not just how we do business or what business we are in but also how we live and life itself as we know it.

For one thing, Digital Transformation will inevitably make markets more efficient, increasing the pressure on Business Owners and Managers to generate distortionary rents.

Our team is dedicated to helping Business Owners and Managers lead Digital Transformation with decision making that more benignly addresses the allocative impact of improvements in Total Factor Productivity brought about by this increase in market efficiency.



Our Team

Our team combines Technology with Business to bring a unique perspective to Digital Transformation.

Our Skills

Our skills include engineering, information technology, business & finance, sales & marketing and international business experience in over 21 countries

Information Technology50%
Operations & Finance90%
Sales & Marketing55%
International Experience80%

Our Background


Institute of Technology old buildingOur team has a strong academic background in technology with experience in operations in corporate and small & medium companies covering both private and state owned enterprises in some countries.