Welcome to the B2B eCommerce Accelerator
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    Welcome to the B2B eCommerce Accelerator
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    There is no better place than this. Not just because it is FREE! Nor because it is LOW RISK or the LEAST COST option overall! Neither because its so SIMPLE! Nor because it GLOBAL! But because its a place where Buyers can meet Sellers. Our Biz-Buy.com site is a B2B eCommerce Marketplace designed to meet the needs of the Procurement Professional and offers the many key supply chain related information and services to attract the Global Business Buyer! This is augmented by an RFP/RFQ platform through which B2B Buyers can cast a wide net for International Competitive Procurement.

    The B2B eCommerce Matrix

    Before diving into or expanding B2B eCommerce further for your organization, it would be crucial to understand the B2B eCommerce Matrix and where you are in it. The matrix sets out four types of Products or Services that are relevant for the B2B Buyer or Seller in terms of the different requirements and safeguards that they have to meet for each of these types.

    B2B eCommerce Matrix

    Firstly there are products that are resold or resold as parts or components of other products. These can be thought of as INVENTORY products whose cost is generally referred to as "Direct Costs" or "cost of Goods Sold". Then there are products that the company uses for various operational purposes but which do not become a part or component of what is sold. These are OPERATIONAL products. Their costs are referred to as "Indirect Costs" or "Overhead" or "G&A". From another point of view a product can be STANDARD i.e, are generally all the same and sold off the shelf or as made, without any customization for the user and can generally be cataloged and priced. On the other hand there can be products that have to be customized to the specific requirements and needs of the user. These are CUSTOM products and these have to be priced based on requirements generally through some sort of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) process.

    Quiz: Can You Tell Which is Which?

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    A Sweet Spot - For an Entry Point

    An Incubator Marketplace - Offering a path of Least Resistance to Entry
    Tail Spend management

    Tail Spend Management

    The Pareto principle (Otherwise known as the 80:20 rule) of Tail Spend Management is now beginning to get more attention from procurement professionals and C suite executives. This provides a window of opportunity for lighter ticket and spot lot suppliers to capture Tail Spend market share by offering economies and efficiencies of a B2B eCommerce Marketplace. Our B2B eCommerce Incubator has the potential to offer that opportunity.

    Reverse Auctions

    Our Reverse Auction pages provide our Registered Users with the ability to Post RFPs or Respond to them with access to simple CPQ and Quoting applications for semi standardized product or service configurations. In some cases buyers may have the capability to use the available configurators to self generate price quotes subject to seller approval thus providing the convenience of self ordering. The seller still would have the ability to monitor the quote process and intervene prior to click throughs.

    Reverse Auctions &CPQ

    Third Party Support Services

    Pilot with innovative Service Partners for a smooth and safe diversification to B2B eCommerce

    Payment Systems Integration

    Payments Systems Integration Support

    ERP Integration

    Integration Support for off the Shelf ERP

    Configure Price and Quote Integration

    Non Bespoke CPQ Services Available

    Third Party Logistics Integration

    3PL for eCommerce Services Available

    Simple Application Process

    Simple initial application process of up to 30 days depending on Information availability

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