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Digital Transformation topics

White Papers produced by companies in the Digital Transformation space. Although somewhat promotional, these have significant education and training value.


The Trillion Dollar Industry Projected sales growth rates and why the unique needs of B2B shoppers are driving growth.

The B2B e-Commerce Challenge

Understanding how B2B eCommerce is evolving due to the changing nature of buyers and the pervasive impact of the global online ecosystem.

The B2B eCommerce Myths

Although written in 2000, most of its postulates and predictions still very much hold today. Its a must read even today for anyone involved or contemplating involvement in B2B eCommerce.

From Bricks to Clicks

Another classic from 2010 that predicteed trends in Industrial Manufacturing that are still continuing and more pronounced today although the adoption rate has accelerated in recent years.

The B2B eCOMMERCE Titans

A well researched and up to date review of the B2B eCommerce majors. Very informative and educational - and in some ways an eye opener. 

6 B2B eCommerce Findings

This B2B eCommerce reveals 6 Key findings that are both sobering and instructive and make taking the plunge almost a no brainer. For example, 54% of the B2B ecommerce is new business!

A Challenging Opportunity

This white paper will focus on some of the most complex challenges within B2B ecommerce, to find out how successful businesses have managed to turn them into competitive advantages.

A B2B eCommerce Strategy

A very practical B2B eCommerce entry or Growth strategy which advocates a step by step and Agile customer focus and a commerce culture. Very useful.

Online B2B Buyer Behavior

A well referenced review of the B2B eCommerce buyer behavior from a B2B Trade Credit provider. What drives growth and why - by the numbers.

B2B eCommerce Survey

A survey of 300 B2B organizations in Europe, USA and ANZ commissioned by Sana Commerce. Covers electronics, construction, automotive, food and beverage, and medical supplies industries.

Tail Spend Insights

Ways to tackle waste and to better align with finance for managing Tail Spend to avoid a costly omission. A must read for "onboarded" suppliers!

Supplier Risk Management

Supply Chain Risks have to be Identified, Assessed and Managed to protect Brand, Reputation and Cash Flow. DIY Trade Assurance?

B2B eCommerce in Canada

A survey of 400 B2B sellers in Canada, including wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers found B2B sellers shifting to online channels and seeing improved bottom-line and customer relationships.

B2B Comparison Guide

Each B2B commerce platorms platorm offers a specified set of features and benefits unique to individual industries and company size to streamline sales and marketng channels.

More on Tail Spend

What is tail spend and why is it so important? It is the Pareto (80:20) rule - 20% of Buy is from 80% of the suppliers. Managing it well can have a direct impact on the firm’s bottom line.  

Indirect Spend Management

This White Paper advocates optimization across a complete pool of available suppliers with a competitive, real-time marketplace as being much more impactful (and practical) for indirect procurement.


The Trillion Dollar Industry Projected sales growth rates and why the unique needs of B2B shoppers are driving growth.

"shift-left” approach to Support

Get a deep understanding of the “shift-left” approach to Support in a mobile world, in this 9-page report by HDI Research. 

A seminal Frost & Sullivan Review of B2B eCommerce Platforms

Omni Channel Authentication

 Results of the NICE Actimize 2017 Omni-Channel Authentication Survey

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