Platforms, Software and Digital Services by Industry Specialization. One firm may serve to more than one industry sector. 








Agribusiness (4)

This category includes digital services for Agriculture, including agricultural inputs industries such as fertilizers and farm machinery, livestock, food processing, logistics, wholesale and retail food distribution and storage, branding and marketing. Services for this category are intended to focus on digital transformation in this sector particularly for grain trading, fertilizer, farm machinery, food logistics, wholesale and distribution of food & kindred products.

Extractive Industries

Extractive Industries (8)

Digital transformation services for mining industry including coal, metals, rare earths and other minerals such as diamonds. 

Financial Services

Financial Services (19)

Digital transformation services for Trade Finance, Credit Insurance, B2B eCommerce, Payment Systems in addition to general Banking, Insurance, Accounting services and capital markets companies.


Healthcare (18)

Digital Services pertaining to the Healthcare industry including hospitals, Physicians' and dental practices and other providers of Health Care services such as Emergency Medical Care, pathology laboratories, Radiology Services etc. 


Manufacturing (9)

Digital transformation related services for the manufacturing industries, excluding Food and Textiles. Includes additive manufacturing

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment (5)

Digital Services to the Media and Entertainment industry, Includeing Radio, Television, Newspapers and magazines, Movie theatres and studios, Music and the arts.

Processing Industries

Processing Industries (4)

Digital Transformation related services to the Processing industries including the Chemicals, refineries, metals and minerals processing. for Food processing and Textiles processing iplease see Agribusiness and Textiles respectively. 

Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction (1)

Digital Transformation related services to the Real Estate and Construction Industries which include residential, commercial ownership, development, operations and brokerage, as well as construction but not building materials manufacturing.

Textile Industry

Textile Industry (2)

Digitalization services to the textile industry. Includes spinning, weaving dying, knitting, printing, cut & sew, fashion and retail and wholesale trades.

Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics (5)

Digital Transformation services to the transport & logistics industries. The verticals cover all aspects of Transportation and logistics,including Air, Ground and Sea. Excludes Passenger transport & Tourism.

Utilities Industry

Utilities Industry (8)

Digital Transformation related services to the Utilities Industry. Includes Electric Power Utilities, Including generation, transmission and distribution. Generation includes Renewables such as solar, wind and hydro; Natural Gas transmission and distribution, Water and waste water utilities; Telecommunications including cable, wireless and satellite services to residential, commercial and industrial.

Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale & Distribution (6)

Digital services to the wholesale and distribution trade (excluding food & textiles) which as a horizontal cuts across  several industries.