Trade Services with transactions through the global digital ecosystem for supply chain, logistics, credit, credit insurance, cargo and marine insurance, digital payment systems, inspection, testing and certification services 

Cargo Insurance Services (9)

These are companies that provide cargo insurance from the time the cargo leave the seller to the time that the cargo reaches the buyer subject to the yterms of sale e.g., FOB, CIF etc.

Credit Insurance Services (4)

These are companies that provide Credit Insurance to B2B eCommerce sellers and sometimes buyers as well. 

Inspection and Certification Services (7)

More precisely these are companies that provide third party inspection and certification services for buyers and sellers involved in B2B eCommerce

Payment Processing Services (8)

These are companies that actually process payment transactions for B2B eCommerce. Excludes payment platform or software vendors.

Trade Credit Services (9)

These are providers of Trade Credit Services who cater, in particular, to the specific needs of B2B eCommerce

Transport & Logistics Services (9)

These are companies that provide transport and logistic services particular to B2B ecommerce as part of their business. Includes 3PLs, Customs brokers and freight forwarders if seperate.