Application software by definition are computer programs that are designed to perform certain business functions and generally interface with end users. However, applications can be anywhere in the continuum between bespoke and ready to use. For this reason the difference between a product and service often tends to blurr. This effects the taxonomy here since and some applications categorized as a service are actually also a product and vice versa. As your company gets bigger, even ready to use application software needs to be integrated with the rest of your other programs in order to be fully useful. The amount of customization would depend on the software as well as the complexity of the firm. In this section we list experts who you could consult on specific applications or types of applications that you might need for your business. Some of these experts can also design and build application software that may or may not be available readily off the shelf and help to integrate it with the rest of your computer architecture. 

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SHI helps organizations around the world achieve their business and technology goals through the delivery of integrated solutions, services and IT equipment. They are a VAR and systems integrator for both computer Infrastructure and Applications anan be a ...


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Globally headquartered in Stans, Switzerland with a footprint in 82 countries, our 3000 technology consultants help customers optimize all aspects of their software portfolio, leveraging relationships with all main publishers, such as Microsoft, Adobe, IB ...

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