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Microservices architecture refers to a technique that gives modern developers a way to design highly scalable, flexible applications by decomposing the application into discrete services that implement specific business functions. These services, often referred to as “loosely coupled,” can then be built, deployed, and scaled independently. Each service communicates with other services, through standardized application programming interfaces (APIs), enabling the services to be written in different languages or on different technologies. This differs completely from systems built as monolithic structures where services were inextricably interlinked and could only be scaled together. Microservice can also be thought of as a small, self contained piece of code thar executes a business function. It has a clear interface, and private data.  A microservice is decoupled and easily deployable insde a container into any environment.

DevOps can be explained as a tool-centric ideology. Essentially, tools/technology are used to simplify the work that needs to be done by developers. Alongside improved tooling, cooperation between the operations and development teams helps drive projects to completion faster and more efficiently. Due to the nature of microservices, having strong DevOps processes is often necessary for deployment. The increased use of tooling and stronger shared practices alleviates teams from being overwhelmed by all the small, moving parts. (Source: Microservices.io & OpenLegacy))

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