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  1. Solomon Wisdom
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  3. Wholesale & Distribution
  4. Tuesday, 15 May 2018
Hi I got his in the mail form the MANA ! Well worth noting

MANA iToolbox eNewsletter

Hi Solomon:

Savvy use of email can be a competitive advantage that will separate you from your competitors. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer with these three emails in her inbox: Email #1 Subject Line: “Your RFQ 88754 Our Quote 118976 2,000 Machined Steel Rods $8,000 Net, Three Week Lead Time.” Body Text: Reiterates the subject information in the body text with standard terms and conditions. Email #2 Subject Line: “Quote” Body Text: Details of the quotation. Email #3

Subject line: “Quote” Body Text: “See our quote in the attached file." A busy buyer with 300 unread emails may see the subject line of the first email, decide that $8,000 is a fair price, and place the order rather than search to see which her other 299 unread emails also might have been a response to RFQ 88754 but did not include that information in the subject line. A buyer with more time might open all those emails and scan the body text of each to look for a more attractive offer, but still might be reluctant to open attachments, either because opening attachments is time consuming or because attachments sometime carry viruses. Savvy communicators keep the customer’s convenience uppermost in their minds and communicate information in the way that is most likely to get the order.

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