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  4. Monday, 27 November 2017
An interesting piesce of reasearch supported by PWC that I think is worth sharing here:

Omni-Channel Authentication: A Unified Approach to a Multi-Authenticator World
Authentication is key to both preventing fraud and enhancing customer experience – two trends which are often at odds with each other.

As Financial Institutions tackle the challenges of preventing Account Take Over (ATO) in a world of mega data breaches and meeting consumer demand for a frictionless experience at log-in, it is not surprising that they are rapidly investing in innovative authentication methods across their banking channels.

Yet with the proliferation of these new authenticators, FIs often find themselves running disparate tools without a unified cross-channel management or orchestration approach. These siloes can lead to a series of problems, including poor customer experience, ineffective authentication and challenged fraud prevention strategies.

The answer is not to avoid authentication innovation, but rather to create an orchestration strategy, which manages policy and execution for multiple authenticators across the contact center, digital channels, ATMs and the branch.

We set out to understand the challenges of silo-ed cross-channel strategies, as well as the potential solutions.

Read the results of our Omni-channel authentication orchestration survey, supported by PWC, to find out:

Is there a need for omni-channel authentication orchestration?
What are the necessary elements of an omni-channel authentication strategy?
How to bridge authentication and fraud management solutions?
Download this white paper for answers.
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