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  1. Solomon Wisdom
  2. Transportation
  3. Monday, 04 September 2017

Vacuum Toilet Systems does any body know the source?

  • Julian Bond

    Julian Bond Hi Anand, Are you looking for companies?

  • Michael Jeske

    Michael Jeske Frensistemi in Florenz. Is s company of Knorr- Bremse

  • John N Militano Sr

    John N Militano Sr Are you looking for companies that make them or maintain them as part of a maintenance contract?

  • Michael Keeber

    Michael Keeber The vacuum toilets originally started on Airlines prior to them going onto the railway in the early 90's I visited British Airways to look at the systems before we selected the suppliers back then as we were retrofitting them to our trains.

  • Mike Ayette

    Mike Ayette Microphor makes systems for rail and marine. Microphor is part of Wabtec

  • Serge Larin

    Serge Larin Contact me in private messaging and if you're on a budget stay away from Knorr and or Wabtec.

  • Serge Larin

    Serge Larin Yes I know the sources. What is your requirement

  • Mikael Prenler

    Mikael Prenler Vacuum toilet system is installed in the Swedish rolling stock since 1979. I worked with the original system, developed by SJ and Electrolux.

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