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United Energy United Energy (UE) is an Australian electricity distributor that owns, operates and maintains the distribution network in its service area and distributes electricity to more than 640,000 customers.

The Challenge

UE’s load profile was experiencing spikes that were costly and difficult to manage technically. Traditional Demand Side Management was not effective. UE needed more of an automated and more creative residential Demand Response solution that would provide the required peak-load shift to enable UE to avoid these costly energy spikes. But the solution needed also to be scalable and cost-effective to implement.

The Input

UE retained Bidgely, a silicon valley startup, focused on Personalize customer engagement and grid modernization for the utilities industry, to provide a solution. Bidgely provided its behavioral DR solution, which communicates personalized DR event messages via mobile push, SMS and email notifications.

The Output

The Bidgely DR solution leveraged elements of gamification to keep consumers engaged and motivated throughout each DR event. The activities included: individualized savings goals based on historic usage; motivational feedback during events; and creative incentives for each hour that the consumer met their usage goal.

The Outcome

Although UE was able to achieve an exceptional 30% peak load shift in Summer 2016, UE and Bidgely were able to further optimize the solution for the Melbourne market, and in 2017, a peak load shift of 40% was achieved.


Sources: Bidgely

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