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Industry Digital Progress

In assessing the digital maturity of the Media and Entertainment industry, it is important to distinguish between the product and the business as the two can often be confused. That a company purveys a digital product does not necessarily imply digital maturity. Digital maturity in the Media and Entertainment sector needs to be assessed more in terms of how prepared are the incumbents, and for that matter the new digital players, to cope with potential disruption being caused by digitization of their product and distribution and the consequent emergence of new business models. “Traditional industry business models — product development, pricing and revenue models, marketing, advertising, branding, distribution — have all been impacted by drastic changes sweeping these industries.” (Cognizant) So the standard for measuring digital maturity in the M&E industry needs to be substantially different than that for other industries such as Manufacturing. How robust is their customer experience management where the gap between perceived and offered value can differ widely. In a rapidly evolving operational environment, how well is the intermediation between platform and technology? How much is data analytics contributing to decision making and agility? According to various industry surveys, using these measures, the digital maturity of the industry given its technology profile, appears to be around 59-66%.

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Case Studies

Digital Transformation in Media & Entertainment Industry - CASE STUDIES

Condé Nast makes the leap from magazines to digital content


Conde Nast goes digitalCondé Nast is a premier media company attracting 95 million consumers across its industry-leading print, digital and video brands. The company’s newest division, Condé Nast Entertainment, was launched in 2011 to develop film, television and premium digital video programming. In 2013, the corporation was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the digital video business.

The Challenge

Condé Nast’s big challenge was making the transition from magazines to digital content. It was a big leap for them as they transformed their business into a model that will take them well into the future. In showcasing its premium content online, Condé Nast aimed to deliver the best possible experience for consumers. That required constant vigilance for the technical operations group and a way to forestall any potential performance problems that could impact the consumer’s experience. That’s why the company began researching and evaluating application performance management tools that would give them more control and visibility into its platform and content.

The inputs

Condé Nast needed an intuitive interface which would be easy to use from day one. The company recruited New Relic to give them the confidence to rapidly roll-out new video content and capabilities at Condé Nast Entertainment. Following a DevOps approach, the Condé Nast operations team and New Relic development team shared a work environment and collaborated on projects. New Relic gives operations and development a common language to work together to manage performance. According to the company, the operations and development teams used New Relic daily to review performance from the previous night as well as to monitor trends throughout the day as they did not have a lot of time to lose when it came to content. For example, when they released the interview with Edward Snowden, everybody was watching New Relic to make sure they could respond quickly to any performance issues. Dropping the ball on an important piece of content like that is not an option there.

The Outputs

With New Relic and the new interface, they were able to Fix problems before they even happened. They could see issues before they even manifested themselves. Their SLAs were set to 50 milliseconds, but they were far below that because New Relic was built into their development cycle. Another use case was the company’s video player, which was deployed by third parties as well as Condé Nast Entertainment. They used New Relic Insights to collect overall playback errors from all the places the player is being used.


In the past Condé Nast did not have the opportunity to know how people are responding to our magazines. But we can now see how someone views our website. Condé Nast could also see how people were using its content and the company could visualize how its applications were being used, how they are being stressed, and how daily changes impact the experience. According to the company, New Relic had really given them better insight into how they could move forward effectively. As a result, now they also had more time for rolling out new content. Overall Condé Nast now sees itself as having been taught to be fearless, be the best, and never be afraid to go beyond what everyone else was doing. According to the company, New Relic was just such an important service to have as part of their infrastructure

Source: New Relic

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