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Digital services to the wholesale and distribution trade (excluding food & textiles) which as a horizontal cuts across  several industries. 

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Epicor - ERP New!

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Epicor - ERP

Epicor is a mid-market ERP vendor working in many industries, including manufacturing. Its Mattec MES solution focuses on discrete, repetitive manufacturing and especially on molding and forming applications, with custom IoT hardware to implemen ...

Magnitude Software

Unified Application Data Management for complex business applications. Their portfolio of products include: simplified application data access to any data source; data management solutions for the SAP and commerce verticals; simplified master data harmoni ...


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Riversand is a global software company that empowers enterprises to transform their data into an engine of growth. They offer a dynamic, configurable platform that helps forward-thinking companies discover the value of their data, increase productivity an ...

Stibo Systems

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Stibo Systems' Master Data Management is a multidomain solution built on a single, scalable platform that connects and syndicates master data across several data domains. It provides complete and consistent data accuracy and visibility across customers, p ...