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Connecting Digitally to Trade Services

Trade Assurance Services


Trade Assurance Services enable the Buyer to be assured of the quality quantity and delivery of the goods and services in a timely and satisfactory fashion. These Services also enable to Seller to be assured that goods and services are not rejected or payment withheld as long as the Seller meets the order specifications and delivery agreements.
Trade Credit Services


Trade Credit Services provides the Seller (and/or the Buyer) short term accounts receivable financing ( and/or accounts payable financing) to provide liquidity for their businesses. Typically these can be revolving lines of credit, loans or factoring (and /or reverse factoring) as the case may be. This type of financing is generally secured by current assets.

Credit Insurance Services


Credit Insurance services (which are different from Trade Assurance) provide the seller with a guarantee of payment in the event that the buyer does not pay for the goods or services even after these have been satisfactory delivered and accepted by the buyer, due to other reasons such as unwillingness or inability to pay e.g., as may occur due to insolvency or illiquidity.

Secure Payment Processing


Secure Payment Processing services can be provided by the buyer’s and the seller’s respective banks. However, since B2B eCommerce does not always use the legacy procurement, sales and distribution ecosystems, other types of payment intermediaries have emerged to also serve this fast growing market and often compliment the existing banking channels.

Inspection and Certification


Due to the global nature and reach of B2B eCommerce, it often becomes necessary to have reputable independent inspection and certification services available at the point of origin, delivery and elsewhere, as needed, often remote from the party requiring the inspection. This is a very specialized niche served by a handful of globally recognized firms.

B2B eCommerce Platforms


There are several firms which offer B2B eCommerce Platforms for OEMs, Wholesalers and others. These can be hosted both on company or third party servers or in the cloud. There are systems for procurement, sales and complete ERP systems with B2B ecommerce integrated into them. We cover a broad spectrum of these in the site.

Transport and Logistics


The structure and organization of the Transport and Logistics sector worldwide, has rapidly evolved with online retail and Transport and Logistics companies are also beginning to adapt their systems to better accommodate B2B eCommerce. However, as with everything else some are better prepared than others to need the needs of the B2B eCommerce sector.
Marine Insurance Services


When goods travel from the Seller to the Buyer these need to be insured. Most of this is Marine Insurance, also called Cargo Insurance which also cover rail and truck shipments. Smaller packages are generally covered by shipping provided by the carrier mostly. Marine or Cargo Insurance (as is used here) is by far the most prevalent form of insurance for overseas trade. 
b2b ecommerce marketplaces


Although eCommerce shipping is increasingly being handled by parcel companies, for larger shipments typical of B2B eCommerce, the Freight Forwarder is generally the intermediary who arranges most of the logistics including the freight and customs documentation and customs clearance. Many of these companies have adapted their systems to B2B eCommerce.

DIRECTORY - Digital Ecosystem

A Directory of Digitized Trade Service Providers

DIRECTORY - Digital Ecosystem

A Directory of Digitized Trade Service Providers