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Founded by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner in 2007, Magento is one of the eCommerce industry’s most popular self-hosted platforms. While very popular for B2C, it also can be used for B2B. Currently, Magento comes in three versions: Community Edition (CE), Enterprise Edition (EE), and Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE). The Enterprise Edition begins at $22,000 to $32,000 per year and so Magento would work best for mid-size to large businesses.


A Cloud App for traditional B2B wholesale, distribution & eCommerce merchants. It can handle Multi-Channel Order, Purchase & Inventory Management using  a simple Accounting Solution. This platform is as a Saas and most commonly integrates with Magento and Xero for accounting. The attached video is informative too. This platform is likely to be well suited to small and medium sized businesses. Website


Used by Apparel, Footwear, Accessory and Hardgoods manufacturers such as North Face, Oakley, Hurley and other brands, Elastic is one of the most complete B2B platforms available, covering all major Sales Processes for both reps and dealers. The Elastic's features include a Digital/Custom Catalog Builder, Online Order Entry with live ATS and ERP integration, Audio-Visual Assortment Planning and White Boarding tools. Website


MIVA is an enterprise B2B & B2C ecommerce platform that supports sales, customer support, inventory management, shipping, returns, and more, from a single management interface. Started in 1997, MIVA now hosts stores for over 10,000 merchants, including entrepreneurs and big name brands alike, including Cintas, Mezzetta, and HAAN. This is reflected in its pricing structure which is based annual merchant revenue.


NuORDER is a B2B eCommerce portal for brands and retailers across the fashion, health, food & beverage and consumer goods industries (see video). It's lets retailers and merchants browse online digital catalogs of hundreds of suppliers and buy on the web or mobile app through NuORDER's 2-way ordering system for brands and retailers simplifying order management and buyer outreach. Through the NuORDER portal, suppliers and retailers can also prospect for new business.


The OroCommerce platform is suitable for mid to large size companies that wish to implement B2B eCommerce more quickly at a lower cost than custom solutions This is because most of its B2B features – e.g., multiple price lists and personalized product catalogs - are offered out-of-the-box reducing complexity and requiring fewer development hours and faster completion times. It comes in two editions Enterprise and Community.


Zoey is positioned as a hybrid B2B and B2C platform with one of the more versatile core eCommerce platforms with significant scalability at lower cost. It has strong international B2B eCommerce capabilities. It also boasts enablement of advanced ecommerce capabilities without requiring a developer making it highly extensible and easy to customize, e.g., pricing around customer segments, limit access to areas of the site or making bulk ordering easier, etc.


InsiteCommerce is a “Built for B2B platform, targeted to Manufacturers and Distributors,  that takes business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce to the next level with scalable and deep integration capabilities. InsiteCommerce offers three different solutions, where companies only pay for the features they use: (i) Product Catalog’; (ii) My Order and Account; (iii) Online Store’. These come in either Enterprise or Cloud version.

More B2B eCommerce Platforms


Pepperi is a SaaS B2B ecommerce enterprise grade platform primarily for wholesalers. It is sales oriented and allows mobile merchandizing as an interesting feature. It provides a B2B ecommerce web shop and app through which B2B buyers can place orders directly. It can fully integrate with  ERP, such as SAP, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Xero and others. It has configurable workflows, business rules, price levels, promotions, discounts and mobile merchandizing. Website

Some Country Options Worth Noting


TradeGecko Singapore

Primarily an inventory management system which is also a B2B eCommerce platform. It Allows easy control of stock in multiple locations, management of sales and purchase orders and automated backordering. Gives distributors private access to catalogues through the private online wholesale store. Creates custom domains for stores, set custom prices, deals, branding in a few clicks. TradeGecko Mobile enables management of products, customers and orders from anywhere. This app is free for all TradeGecko users and available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. TradeGecko will automatically sync inventory between channels, locations and warehouses. The platform is stated to have customers in over 100 countries transacting more than USD 1 Billion value of goods using the platform cover a wide range of verticals from fashion apparel to food and beverage distributors. 


B2B Ecommerce Software specialists

Netalogue™ is a B2B eCommerce Platform that can be used by business suppliers across all major industry sectors. Netalogue ecommerce solutions integrate with major ERP, finance and CRM systems by SAP, Sage, Microsoft, Oracle etc. The Platform is Modular & Ready to Implement (without programming). Netalogue is suitable for B2B suppliers of all sizes, and can accommodate routine as well as complex requirements and is fully demonstrable from the very outset ( see video). Whereas many ecommerce platforms are founded on the base catalogue, cart and checkout requirements of retailers, Netalogue is 100% B2B evolved and has its roots firmly entrenched in the requirements of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Platform’s biggest strength is easy linking with operating ERP systems. The Modules of the Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform can be licensed along with the standard core functions in the form of 8 optional feature packs.(i) Customer Self Service Pack (ii) Advanced Ecommerce Pack,(iii)  International Pack; (iv) E Procurement Pack; (v) Marketing Pack (vi) Mobile Pack; (vii) White label Management Pack and (viii) Buyer Poal Pack. Website

B2B Wave


B2B Wave is an easy to use B2B eCommerce platform designed for small to medium enterprises. It has customer registration, catalogue and ordering capabilities across devices and also most of the standard B2B features on the Company side, including pricing, order entry, simple integrations, promotions, discounts, reporting, data management etc. It enables wholesale businesses to quickly create their cloud based B2B ordering e-commerce portal. Website



The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform is a fully comprehensive, process-oriented e-commerce solution, suited to both SMEs and large corporations in terms of flexibility, performance, and scalability. IntelliShop combines the benefits of a customized system with the cost efficiency of out-of-the-box software by virtue of its modular architecture and innovative process management which enables full alignment with existing business processes. The software can also be quickly and easily integrated into any third party or online affiliate system. In the enterprise sector, no two projects are alike. The advantage of the IntelliShop solution is that it provides a digital platform in the form of an out-of-the-box version that includes multiple features, flexible interfaces, and uncompromising stability, while allowing for the digital mapping of even the most complex commercial infrastructures. Existing distribution channels are supported and processes are optimized. Especially in the B2B market IntelliShop allow the realization of a true multi-channel offering and the integration of one or more stages of distribution and sales representatives in a future-proofed e-commerce strategy. Website