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Digital Transformation Training Courses

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Courses have been selected that can mostly be taken online. Topics include Digital Transformation and its generally accepted three major components, namely Transforming Customer Experience, Transforming Operational Processes and Transforming Business Models; Core business services that interface and integrate with Digitalization; and B2B eCommerce because of its emerging and unavoidable significance and finally, Cyber-Security fundamentals for the non technical person.

Training Events

Sometimes Business learning is best done at industry and functional events. In addition to networking for lead generation, these experiences are often more memorable and enable peer approval in the workplace. We have tried to put together a Calendar of events like seminars, conferences and other learning events including trade shows and webinars, relevant to Digital Transformation and its components, B2B eCommerce, and core business services that Management and IT teams can plan for during the year.

B2B eCommerce Training Events

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Industry White Papers

Industry White Papers

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B2B ecommerce videos

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